Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Living Raw While on the Road

A number of friends and clients have asked me how to manage a raw food diet and stay healthy while traveling. I decided to create some classes and put the basic outlines on this page.


In a one and a half to two hour class I can give a lot of pointers plus a couple of demonstrations.

A half day class includes more demonstrations, samples and recipes.

A full day's class can cover a lot of food options which will allow you to eat well with your minuscule traveling kitchen and include more long term solutions such as dorm room or whole vacation dining.

Topics covered can include:

Food First Aid....how to deal with traveler's headache, belly ache, fatigue, stress....without reaching for a pain drug to deal with the symptoms. Deal with the problem and re-alkalize your system.

Your Survival Kitchen: light and compact equipment to take with you. Several possibilities depending upon the length of your trip and your needs.

Breakfast: Get a great start to your day! How to make fresh raw, delicious, nutritious, sugarless, fiber filled filling breakfasts that taste better than the high carb, high sugar pastry that's served with coffee in a "Continental breakfast" and keep you energized for hours.

This raw apple crumb cake is delicious, quick to make and a great breakfast.

Thinking Ahead: Power bar snacks you can make for your trip plus a few pre-packaged ingredients to pack to make meals fast and easy on your trip.

Lunch: Away all day? Take-along snacks can save the day.

Little key lime pies can be made in a personal blender.

Raw and Social: Tips for surviving, thriving and enjoying business lunches or social events while staying healthy and raw.

Entrees: On a budget? No good restaurants around? Tired? You can make delicious dinners in your room with little fuss. Smoothies, fresh soups, puddings, zucchini "pasta" with raw marinara sauce, not a problem.

A few examples:

This is a hand cut wide noodle zucchini pasta with a "pesto rustica"....a hand cut pesto, everything uses only a knife.

This pesto can be made in a small travel blender.

These are zucchini hummus and a raw babaganouj, easy to make in a personal blender.

Pear and arugula salad.

Strawberry custard tart. Raw Desserts are no problem.

Soups are fast and delicious!

You can be healthy and stay raw while traveling for work or on vacation.
Contact me if you'd like more information.

I can also teach classes for home raw food kitchens, for example: how to create delicious and beautiful raw (dehydrated at 105 degrees), non gluten crackers and flat breads.

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  1. Hello Silani,

    Thank you for your awesome share. I am about to embark on a trip to Europe and are nervous about how I am going to eat! I wish there was such thing as a pocket juicer!!! Love the recipes.