Thursday, February 9, 2012

Easy Raw

These dancing ravioli and the salad were made with a simple spiralizer, set to make two very different kinds of noodles. The rawviolis are made with jicama. The base of the salad is a marinated chayote (they are growing on my terrace so I'm inventing all kinds of ways to use them). The sauce is a tomato basil vegetable mix which balances well with both the ravioli and the salad.

These are chayote flatbreads going into the dehydrator, sprinkled with tomato powder.

If you have a garden, simple salads using flowers from broccoli plants makes a nice treat. One of the joys of having a garden is to be able to eat plants at stages of growth not found in stores.

One of our delicious healthy drinks is pumpkin nog! Richly delicious with vanilla, cacao, dates, banana and'll wonder why it's not on the menu of your favorite juice bar.

Fresh picked chopped kale with pomegranate seeds and pine nuts.

Little purple sweet potato slider with a marinated, slightly dehydrated portabella mushroom for a "bun".

If you make ahead little pie shells and keep them in the freezer you can make a raw banana cream pie in minutes. This is a pecan cacao pie shell drizzled with chocolate and filled with banana coconut cream.

This is another variation with almost the same ingredients.

Pie with persimmon gelée.

A winter treat and great work snack: raw fig newtons.

All raw, all delicious and easy to make.

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