Monday, February 15, 2010

Saffron Coconut Kefir.....A Valentine delight.

In the past, Valentine's Day would have been a time to bring out the champagne. Now, with our raw food life, we bring out the coconut kefir but still, the Spirit of Valentine's inspired something a little more lively.
Saffron Kefir.
This was especially fun because the little crocus flowers are poking up all over the garden. I always wonder about the crocus that grows the delicate strands of saffron. Humans have loved this herb for more than 4,000 years. There are frescoes in the palace of Knossos of Minoan Crete of the saffron harvest.
I "wake up" the saffron threads in a little Japanese pot used for toasting all kinds of seeds and nuts. I like that one puts what one wants to toast in the centre hole, then pours it out through the hole in the handle. I don't want to toast the saffron, just warm and wake it.

I peer into the hole and enjoy the scent of the saffron.
Waking the saffron does not change how it looks.
Put the saffron in the bottom of the champagne flutes (we might as well use them, as usual, for celebrations).
Et VoilĂ !
Happy St. Valentine's Day.

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