Sunday, January 17, 2010

Young Coconut Kefir

Coconut kefir is delicious, sparkly and full of healthy, healing probiotics. I know of only one company that makes and sells coconut kefir, and it's price is comparable to a fine wine. Best to make your own. You need fresh young coconut juice. See opening a young coconut if you have never done this. The best place to find fresh young coconuts is in an Asian grocery. Once you get the hang of making kefir, you might like to buy a case (usually 9) and get a discount (if your grocery gives case discounts). Look on the bottom of the coconut. If it has any dark spots, don't buy it.
Most people make coconut kefir from a commercial starter, the same as with cultured young coconut pudding It's more adventurous, and more life sustaining (I think) to use kefir grains, both the milk and water grains. Dominic Anfiteatro's wonderful kefir site has all the information you will need to step into the world of live cultures.
Serve alone as a refreshing drink or with a simple desert like this raspberry tower. The wonderful thing about this sparkly, champagne-like drink is that it's healthy for the whole family. Great for celebrations.

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