Friday, January 15, 2010

Thai Miang Khum (little bites)

I was wondering what to make for dinner. Something light. Finger food. I stopped for tea at Peet's and glanced at the paper. There it was, the perfect idea for dinner. I decided to make up the recipe from the newspaper image.

Wash the spinach leaves.

Prepare coconut noodles.

I was happy to find some Thai peppers in the garden.

Wildcrafted jungle peanuts

Slice lime as thinly as possible then mince.

Prep work can be done ahead of time.

The finer you can cut the strands, the better.

*young coconut strands
*lightly toasted wild jungle peanuts and sesame seeds
*sprouts: pea, broccoli, sunflower (or micro greens)
*chopped: Thai peppers( seeds removed), green onion, red onion, ginger, lime (skin on), mint leaves, cilantro leaves

ume vinegar,
tamarind sauce,
toasted dehydrated coconut,
mince together: lime, ginger, cilantro, mint,
add a little coconut palm sugar and water to blend, as finely as possible.
James thought it needed a little more sweetness. I'm always trying to skimp on sugar.

Next time I'll look up a recipe but it was fun to bring a black and white image found in a newspaper to life.

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