Monday, January 25, 2010

Strawberry Raw Granola Bars

I've been making sprouted buckwheat granola, and since I'm half way through making another batch, decided use what I already have to make granola bars. This is the granola....

There were extra dehydrated strawberry slices, so I chopped them fine and also cut up several white turkish figs, both to bind the granola together and for added fruit flavour. The cacao butter was still on my mind from making the bars yesterday , so I heated some up and this time added the granola mixture to the melted cacao butter, then put the mixture in a pan.

This went into the freezer until the bars were cold enough to cut into squares.

Pretty can also pack a lot of nutrition.

1 comment:

  1. We really enjoyed both the granola and the energy bars but seem to have "graduated" from eating grains like buckwheat. It's all a process, I guess...this finding an optimal diet for oneself...buckwheat wasn't quiet right for either of us. Maybe we were eating too much of it.