Monday, January 4, 2010

Sprouted Buckwheat Granola (Festive)

I was walking around looking at everything the other day, looking at things not as solid objects but as vibrating textures in space. This coincided with finding a raw granola recipe which inspired this edible texture.
It's more of a list than a recipe.
Sprout these:
Buckwheat (more of this)
pumpkin seeds
sunflower seeds

Soak these ingredients:
sesame seeds
currants or chopped raisins

It may seem strange to soak a grain or seed, then dehydrate it. Our bodies work with enzymes, which is why raw foods are useful to the body. Not all raw foods though have usable enzymes. As Roxanne Klein says in "Raw" "Nuts and seeds have enzyme inhibitors that prevent them from growing into a tree. Only after they have been sprouted will these enzyme inhibitors dissolve away. This means that unsprouted nuts and seeds are almost as difficult to digest as cooked ones". So all this sprouting and soaking makes the nutrients more bio-available to our bodies. Once dehydrated, although the taste and feel of this granola is crunchy, after a few chews, the texture becomes creamy and it's more delicious that I was even expecting it to be.

freeze dried angel hair coconut
blueberries, dehydrated (I used frozen, let the juice drip out then dehydrated)
strawberries fresh..they are in season here...slice then dehydrate
sea salt
agave nectar
coconut oil (or oil of choice)

Sprout grains for 2 days.
Soak seeds and nuts for 2 hours.

Dehydrate slices of strawberry and blueberries (I used frozen) separately.

Although not essential, I mixed coconut oil with agave nectar and coated the walnuts in this, dehydrating them separately as well so that the nuts are coated. (Really, this is the star part of the ensemble with the walnut crunch and its delicious coating. The little seeds and grains stick to the coating).

Mix all the rest and dehydrate at 110 degreesF on mesh sheets until crunchy 12-14 hours.
Good with fresh almond milk or just plain.

inspiration for this recipe

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