Sunday, January 17, 2010

Three Pudding Raw Parfait (Healthy Fun Food)

      If you have just finished whipping up the coconut pudding from the last post, here is something to do while it ferments, so you will be ready to make 3 Pudding Raw Parfait.
The white layer is the cultured coconut pudding .

The brown layer is a date/pine nut pudding. Simple to make: either use very fresh dates, or soak dry ones. Combine equal parts dates, pine nuts, water in the high speed blender. Voila! Creamy and delicious. I used fresh pine nuts. You can also soak dried pine nuts. Grate nutmeg on top or add into pudding.

The Green Pudding uses green smoothie ingredients, so consider making yourself a green smoothie for lunch on the day the coconut pudding is ready, using the rest to make this pudding in the evening.
Green Smoothie:
In a high speed blender combine:
lettuce, avocado, pears, pea sprouts (can be any kind of sprouts or microgreens), one cup water (more or less).
Make it on the thick side with the pudding in mind, like a thick milkshake.
After you have a delicious glass full, refrigerate the leftover smoothie (which makes it a little thicker). Stir in long strand raw coconut and a tiny bit of coconut palm sugar. Finito! Green pudding.

For more information on green smoothies and many combinations ( I add new combinations as we make them), read Green Smoothies  also see weed pudding (lamb's quarters) for another green pudding that would work just as well as the green smoothie above.Adding the coconut makes the desired texture and mouth feel.

Now find some nice glasses, cut fresh strawberries, banana and walnuts. Enjoy layering alone, or get everyone to help. It's a festive meal by itself.

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